Monday, March 21, 2011

Sex education in school

Just when I was wondering if such education is too young for him, today after school he told me there was no lesson in school but an entire day of 'syarahan' by staff from the Family Planning Department from the government. It was an eye-opener for him.

The talks were in the national language. Issues talked about are varied including masturbation, reproduction and even oral sex! I felt relieved that he is exposed to such information from a proper channel. This saves me stress of finding out the right way to tell him or thinking of whether he should know all these.

He even told me that one of his teachers,male of course, (whom I think ought to be dismissed from the school) 'added' to the talk and told them some obscene things which shouldn't come out from the mouth a teacher.

Some of his 'smart-alec' friends were so attentive (those who almost doze off in other subject such as History). They even boast to have known about all those spoken.

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